Coleman Bridge opening
Industrial Applications

Offshore structures require routine maintenence and repairs, often in the harshest underwater conditions.
Unmanned maritime systems will soon be in high demand as we expand our energy resources.

The Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean require a unique mix of infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, piers, ship yards, lighthouses, buoys, and many different offshore energy industries. The maintenance requirements for these structures demand constant attention, both above and below water.

Before unmanned systems, divers and manned boats were required to inspect and repair even the most minor of jobs, costing industries time and money. Unmanned maritime technology will provide these industries with better information, more reliable warnings, and more efficient use of time and personnel.

The possibilities are endless, and the Virginia coast is the only place your Maritime UMS company can enjoy the benefits of a strong and educated local workforce, partnerships with state and federal organizations, and the convenience of being able to test your products right at home.

A diver operates a small submersible on wheels.
two tall bridges span over a large body of water.
Navy ships lined up in port.