A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Dulles Aerotrain system.
Public Transportation

A ribbon-cutting ceremony at Dulles International Airport commemorating the start of their AeroTrain system. These automated trains transport passengers and staff throughout the airport. (Image credit: Dulles International Airport)

Virginia's future transportation system will be second to none once we fully embrace the opportunities that automated public transportation will provide. From automated passenger rail systems to driverless buses and shuttles, travelers will be able to rely on a state-of-the-art transportation system that is safe, low in cost, and more dependable than ever.

Automated passenger rail has already debuted in Virginia with Dulles International Airport's Aerotrain system. Google, TORC Robotics, and many other UMS companies large and small are bringing their driverless technology business here to Virginia.

A small autonomous vehicle drives towards people waiting for a ride
An electric autonomous shuttle.

(L) Taxis and busses in the future could be summoned to pick up and drop off passengers- without a driver!
(Image Credit: General Physics Laboratory)
(R) An automated electric mini-shuttle can take passengers around a closed loop 24 hours a day, stopping to offload at specific coordinates.
(Image Credit: Rama)