A concept image showing a couple lounging while their car is in motion.
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In a not too distant future, we may not even have to face the road when driving. The technology that could make this a reality is being researched and designed right here in Virginia!

The idea of someone reading, talking on the phone, or playing a video game while behind the wheel of a car is enough to make you think twice about getting out on the road. Thankfully, in the future, you will be able to do those things too while safely on your way to work or on a long road trip. Self-driving cars will maintain more constant speeds and make more predictable stops and starts, preventing many traffic jams.

Various components of automated vehicles are already being put to use in today's cars. Perhaps you've seen the cars that can parallel park themselves, or seen hazard sensors along the bumpers of new cars? Technologies such as these are just a few of the thousands of fascinating innovations being made by Virginia's automated vehicle researchers. Google, TORC Robotics, and many other UMS companies large and small are bringing their driverless technology business here to Virginia.

A sedan being observed by a large crowd at a car show.
Google's self-driving car
A woman reads a magazine while commuting.

(L) A new Lexus showing off its autonomous parallel parking capabilities. (Image Credit: Tom Reynolds)
(C) Google's self-driving cars are currently being tested in Virginia (Image Credit: Google)
(R) Self-driving technology is already being implemented into today's automobiles. (Image Credit: Volvo Cars)