A large farm tractor cuts hay for baling.
Agriculture and Forestry
(Image Credit: Gerry Balding)

In the future, farmers will be able to operate more than one farming machine (such as the ones pictured above) at the same time- saving them days of grueling work and lost profits.

As most farmers and physical laborers will tell you, success is determined by the amount of time and the quality of the tools one has to complete the job. In today's world one person is required to operate each tractor, bailer, and machine in order to complete the task at hand.

In the future, farmers will be able to spend a few hours supervising a fleet of automated farm equipment performing the tasks that before would have taken a week or more to complete. The positive impact this could have on production for Virginia's 45,000+ farms is immeasurable.

And let's not forget, automated vehicles could one day allow for people with mobility issues to visit the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains or take a hike along the James River. Park Rangers could also be able to provide more walking tours of Virginia's historical preserve sights.

A girl hikes through a park
(Image Credit: JK B)
Panoramic shot of the Blue Ridge Mountains

All of the beauty that Virginia offers will soon be accessible to every Virginian. (Image Credit: Jackie O)