NASA's Global Hawk UAV
Science and Exploration
(Image Credit: Anthony Distefano/NASA)

NASA's Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel, based out of Wallops Flight Center in Virginia, is a UAV instrument used to track hurricanes and tropical storms over the Atlantic. The UAV is capable of flying from Virginia to the coast of Africa and back. More information can be found here.

  • Innovations in Engineering
  • Weather and Climate Monitoring
  • Historical Discovery and Observation
  • Remote Area Research
  • Pollution Monitoring
  • Airborne Microbial Testing
  • Land/Seafloor Mapping
  • Atmospheric Testing
  • Data Collection
Thanks to the ground-breaking research being conducted by Virginia schools such as Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Liberty University, the sharpest minds in UAV technology are from right here in Virginia. Combined with the thousands of researchers, scientists, and engineers that hail from NASA, the US Armed Forces, and countless private research foundations, the future of UAV technology in Virginia is brighter than ever.

Aerial drones can be outfitted with a nearly limitless combination of sensors and scanning equipment, giving researchers a glimpse of our planet as we've never seen before. The low cost of flying UAVs also provides scientists with the ability to conduct experiments that would have been far too costly to perform with conventional aircraft. Watch the video to see an example of one of these experiments being performed at Virginia Tech.

(Image Credit: David Whiteley/Bird's Eye Aerial Photography)

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