Corn farm photographed from the air by a UAV
Agriculture and Forestry
(Image credit: ViewPoint Aviation)
  • Pest prevention
  • Land-use planning and monitoring
  • Wildfire management
  • Evaluation of stream & watershed projects
  • Water and air quality analysis
  • Crops and field inspection
  • Climate change analysis
  • Research and observation of fish and wildlife
  • Park visitor protection
  • Search and rescue
  • Storm tracking

Virginia is home to over 8,500,000 acres of farmland, 22 national parks, and 35 state parks. Tomorrow's farmers and park rangers will be able to use Unmanned Systems technology to perform the most demanding of tasks. From crop inspection to search and rescue operations, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles will soon be what we all look to when help is needed.

A Virginia park ranger poses with a young girl.
Aerial photo of mountainous forest area.

(L Image Credit: John Gresham)
(R Image Credit: David Whiteley/Bird's Eye Aerial Photography)